"Save the world from bad sound"

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Motorsounds is a dedicated car audio installation hub which caters all kinds of car audio requirements also providing solutions for the same, right from basic installation to high end installation.

Motorsounds is specialised for car audio custom installation. When we say customs we mean a proper tailor made Fibre & MDF enclosures.The tag line “save the world from bad sound” makes a very clear statement about the intentions behind Motorsounds.

Audio installation at motorsounds is all about technical installations and car audio upgrades in stock audio ..also we all know that “stock sucks”!!

PERFORMANCE matters just as much as whats under the hood for the die hard car audio tribe. Doesnt matter if you want to woo with soft music or blare out a thumping number.


Ravi O Nandrajog

Owner / CEO / Founder
Ravi has 30 years of rich experience in Car Audio Industry and hands on from Basic to High-end audio custom installations.

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