Motorsounds Car Audio Simplified

"Motorsounds Car Audio Simplified" - 11 Volumes.

Actively involved in car audio since 1990, I have now found a novel way to express my love for Car Audio. Presenting series of books under the subject 'Motorsounds Car Audio simplified'.

Why this book?
Over the years I met many car audio enthusiasts who desired to upgrade their skills and knowledge in car audio but lacked technical nuance. For all those friends, this series of books will be their reference.
My dream is to change people's mindset who have taken car audio as a "business" and to view car audio as a "Sport” and love more of what they do.

This series is based on my personal experiences. The biggest challenge was to explain this complicated topic in a simplified manner for beginners to understand it.

This book promises to make you better in designing and personalising your car audio system and acts a handy referral book for self use and audio enthusiasts.

Download the introduction book for free by clicking the image.

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We new friends!