Motorsounds Car Audio Simplified (MCAS)

It’s been almost 30 years I’ve been working in car audio industry. Time and again I had requests & queries from young enthusiasts who are keen to upgrade their knowledge in Car Audio. Since years I had Dream in my mind, how to train enthusiasts in car audio installations & designing?

I’ve seen people interested in doing up car audio as a business but are some how stuck up on technicalities.

Few times I’ve planned to set up a school & make them learn hands on, ofcourse it will work.

Then I realised about how many students I’ll be educating? How much time will get invested? These questions brought a dead end to my dreams.

I wish to reach all the people who are eager to learn something new, who want to grow and excel in life. My data says there are thousands of people who want to upgrade and educate themselves on this topic.

After lot of thoughts & thanks to the time I got in lockdown, I came up with an idea of penning my thoughts in a book.

The thoughts & studies are all based on my personal experiences after burning my hands few times in this field.

Though I’ve met lot of people doing really good in car audio but as we say there is always scope of self upgrading.

Here I’m now ready to launch my 11 volume chapters on car audio, which will definitely kick start the passion in you, give a polishing touch to your existing work.

Apart this any other thoughts or queries I will be available on my personal email always

Download the introduction book for free by clicking the image


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