Motorsounds Car Audio Simplified Complete Set Of 11 Books


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This book contains 11 volumes of detailed Car Audio technical information, each volume is connected to the other volume which makes it simple to understand. As a topic, Car Audio installation is extensive, we have narrowed down the integral parts for a better understanding of the reader.


Vol. 1 – Introduction.
[ As the name says, this chapter gives you a brief insight on the complete course “Motorsounds Car Audio Simplified”.]

Vol. 2 – Important Tools And Their Functions.
[ In this chapter, we have discussed right from basic shop tools to advanced audio tools that must be used, and their applications for various types of work in car audio installation.]

Vol. 3 – Physics In Car Audio.
[ In this chapter, we have explained how old school basic physics and mathematics is applied in car audio installation.]

Vol. 4 – Car Audio Connections And Accessories.
[ In this chapter, we cover in detail essential accessories in car audio installation. Where we explain step by step identifying these accessories and understanding their applications.]

Vol. 5 – All About Head Units.
[ In this chapter, we have elaborately explained about factory fitted head units and aftermarket head units.]

Vol. 6 – Head Unit Tuning Guide.
[ This chapter is a technically informative chapter where we have covered complete detailed head unit audio tuning right from basic to high-end tuning features.]

Vol. 7 – Speakers Are Important.
[ In this chapter, we have discussed technicalities and the importance of speakers used in car audio. ]

Vol. 8 – The Science Behind Amplifiers.
[ This chapter covers in-depth information about car audio amplifiers, where we have covered various types, installation, connection, and tuning of amplifiers. ]

Vol. 9 – Why We Love Woofers.
[ This chapter covers detailed information on types of woofers and their applications in car audio. ]

Vol. 10 – Technicalities In Woofer Boxes.
[ This chapter covers types of woofer enclosures, designing, calculations, and their significance in car audio. ]

Vol. 11 – Finer Points In Installation.
[ This chapter covers the complete car audio installation process right from basic to high-end also simplifying the technicalities involved in a signal processor. ]


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