Motorsounds Car Audio Simplified Book 11 – Finer Points Of Installation


Motorsounds Car Audio Simplified Book 11 – Finer Points In Installation 

After completing all the basics of car audio and knowing about each and every component required. This book covers all the details and finer points required during the installation of car audio.

About the book:
After knowing in-depth details of a car audio system, we will discuss some finer points of car audio installation. As we know the installation of an audio system in a car should be treated as a project. We will be refreshing and discussing finer points needed in the pre-installation as well as ongoing installation.

Over the years I met many car audio enthusiasts who desired to upgrade their skills and knowledge in car audio but lacked technical nuance.
For all those friends, this series of books will be their reference.
My dream is to change people’s mindsets who have taken car audio as a “business” and to view car audio as a “Sport” and love more of what they do.
This series is based on my personal experiences. The biggest challenge was to explain this complicated topic in a simplified manner for beginners to understand it.
This book promises to make you better in designing and personalizing your car audio system and acts a handy referral book for self-use and audio enthusiasts.


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